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Kandinsky's work, Blue
Kandinsky's work, Blue
Please enter comments, suggestions, or information on this page in order to share it with all members. Put samples of art work or other things to share on your own page. When you're ready to share, post an announcement on this page to let us know to take a look!

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The next meeting of the Knox County Art Teachers (KCAT) will be January 13, 2011. I'll send an email to confirm the date, time, and location. We hope that the Buchwald Center will be habitable by then, but if not, watch for future announcements so you'll know where to go.

Our format is simply to get together to network and to share student work and best instructional practices. MVNU art and graphic design staff have graciously joined us and will be present, as well. Our first meeting was rather high school oriented, somehow, and so I want to stress that this is for ALL of you, K-12 art educators.

I hope to see you in January!